Gilbert spray tan service

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Whether you want to get your base layer before a big vacation, or you’re preparing for a special occasion, you can trust the professionals at Maricopa Beauty to give you the look you desire. 

We use high grade products and procedures to ensure top quality results. Our spray tanning process is quick and simple, and you simply rinse the solution off your skin after the appointment.

Spray tanning can help you avoid unnecessary sun damage and still have that golden, muscle defining look. Call or schedule your appointment today.

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One thing that can be said for certain is that spray tanning is more safe and effective than traditional UV tanning. When you expose your skin to UV rays, it causes damage which could lead to premature aging, sunspots, or even skin cancer. At Maricopa Beauty, we use medical grade tanning solution which is nontoxic and safe. Moreover, the spray tanning process is more efficient, as the solution is applied and then simply rinsed off later. Why risk the UV damage when you could have an instant glow with our high quality spray tan? 

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At Maricopa Beauty, we care about the health, safety, and satisfaction of our clients. That’s why we invest in tanning solution which not only gives you the bronze glow you’ve been after, but also has skin improving benefits, anti-aging botanicals, and other repairing ingredients to improve your skins health. If a tanning bed tends to leave you feeling dry, then look no further than our moisturizing tanning solution.

What is included in our service?

Our experienced beauticians will help you pick the tone and tanning solution that best suits your own undertone and skin. We take great care into picking the right shade and solution for your skin type. Our service includes high quality, moisturizing tanning solution is applied easily with our applicator. After the solution is applied, you will leave it to set on your skin before rinsing it off to see your new golden tan.