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When we think of lash extensions sometimes we think of those dollar store sets that we got as children. Or maybe we even think of those thick, gaudy lashes which tear on your natural lashes. At Maricopa Beauty, we make sure that our lashes look and feel as natural as possible. Whether you want a more voluminous look or a more subtle one, we have the solution for you. With high grade materials and service, we can help you get your achieve your new look with no damage to your natural lashes. 

Our spa-like private studio will bring you comfort and security during your appointment. The appointment is usually done in under an hour and the lashes can last anywhere between 6-10 weeks before they will naturally fall out. No need to come back and have them tidied up, they will continue to add glamour to your look throughout their entire lifespan. 

If you are looking for premium eyelash extensions in Gilbert, then look no further than Maricopa Beauty. 

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We offer a range of service including full sets, eyelash fills, tints, and lifts. For our full sets, we offer a range of volume and thickness so that every client can find their perfect lash. We have classic extensions to mimic the look and feel of your natural lash line, or more voluminous sets if you’re going for that intense, dramatic look. If you’re not sure which set or service would be best for you, leave it to our professionals to guide you and help you discover your natural beauty. 

About our eyelash extensions

Those dollar-store eyelash kits are a thing of the past. Our eyelash extensions are lush and safe for your skin. We use a premium synthetic material which undergoes a heat-roll process to ensure a lustrous curl. Our professionals have years of experience and will consult with you and your eyelashes to determine the proper length and thickness for a natural, glamorous look. Trust our experience and quality at Maricopa Beauty if you’re looking for premium eyelash extensions.

What can be expected from our service?

At Maricopa Beauty, we care about your health and happiness. You can expect the highest quality lashes and lash cement on the market. Our lashes are proven to look more natural and last longer than competitors. That’s because we mix the best practices with the best materials money can buy. Ask us about lash lifts, lash tints, and lash fills and we can handle your needs accordingly. From the moment you walk into our studio you will be amazed by our customer service. The experience is tailored to you and your needs so that you can be happy with lashes that compliment your natural beauty. You can expect a relaxing experience and environment, top quality service and products, a consultation to help select your service and lashes, and a glamorous new look.