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Offering waxing, tanning, eyebrows, and lashes in Gilbert, AZ and Maricopa county. Our professionals will ensure that you feel confident, glamorous and beautiful.

We have years of experience in waxing, tanning, and eyelash extensions. Our professionals will give you the best beauty experience. Whether that means a pain-free wax, or a quick tan before vacation, we have the experts and the products to give you top quality service. 

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Professional Beauty Services in gilbert, az

If you are searching for the best waxing, tanning, or eyelash experience, look no further than Maricopa Beauty Salon!

We are committed to regularly helping our clients feel and look beautiful via outstanding service, quality products, and also creating a pleasurable ambiance at an appropriate price/value connection. Our expert stylists will artfully craft an appearance that’s tailored to our client’s needs.

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Maricopa Beauty Salon is the center for waxing, tanning, and lash extensions in Gilbert, AZ. We know that you are always striving to look your best. That’s why at Maricopa Beauty, we use only the highest quality procedures and technology to ensure that you leave with a great wax, tan, or set of lashes. Indulge and pamper yourself with a visit to our salon, with professional service which will leave you feeling comfortable and refreshed.  

Whatever service you choose, our experts will ensure that you receive the best outcomes possible. Whether you want a new set of lashes for a big event, or you’re trying to get that base tan for an upcoming vacation, our professionals have the tools to ensure a high quality procedure. Our skilled technicians will consult with you to figure out exactly how to enhance your natural beauty and restore your confidence. 

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Stop searching ‘beauty service near me’ if you need beauty services in Gilbert, AZ. At Maricopa Beauty we have you covered for all your waxing, tanning, and lash extension needs. We make certain that the our studio is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to the satisfaction of our consumers, and we use the highest grade materials to enhance your natural beauty. We take on work with professionalism, a welcoming approach, and the attention to detail that this sector requires because we have so much experience. We offer a wide range of services, including the following:


We offer spray tanning in an assortment of shades. We will work with you to pick the proper solution and help you to receive your desired tan level. Typically the solution can be rinsed off the same day as your appointment, depending on how dark you would like to be. Our tanning solution is non-toxic and safe for your skin. Spray tanning is less harmful in the long run than natural sun damage or a tanning bed. Call today to find out how we can help you with your perfect tan.


Our waxing services in Gilbert, AZ are among the best in the city. We offer waxing for females in our private studio with female beauticians. A combination of years of experience and the top quality wax means a painless experience for our clients. We offer a variety of waxing services including full face wax, eyebrows, side burns, cheeks, nose, chin, and lip waxing. We also do arms/underarms, full stomach, chest, back, leg, and Brazilian waxing.

Lash Extensions

Our professionals will help you in deciding the fullness and material of your desired lashes. Once selected, we will guide you through a simple and easy process of applying the lash extensions. Our high grade eyelash cement degrades naturally over time, but clients can expect their lashes to look natural and full for a month or two. We minimize damage to the natural lashes and ensure that the false lashes leave you looking naturally radiant.

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Call to make an appointment and drop by the studio usually within the same day! Our professionals have years of experience to ensure that your waxing, tanning, or eyelash appointment goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Trust Maricopa Beauty to help you look, and feel your best so that you can go on living YOUR best life!

Professional and Secure

When it comes to waxing and tanning and even eyelash extensions, you want a trusted professional to get the job done. These semi-permanent procedures are not to be taken lightly, and they can also be extremely dangerous if performed incorrectly or with low-grade products. Maricopa Beauty offers a safe, private salon with the best professionals and products to ensure any procedure is done with care. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of our work, we will make every effort to correct any errors. If you are still dissatisfied with the work, we will gladly return your money for our beauty service.